Inch Of Gold, CT
Inch Of Gold, CT


You choose the style, you choose the length, we make it up for you!




Lifetime Guarantee with no time limits, no cost, no questions.


Any length, any decide.  Long, short, double or triple strand...there is no limit!



Want matching earrings?  We can do that too.




Complete the set.  Do a standard bracelet or something different to add some flare!



Welcome to Inch of Gold, Connecticut.

Our unique concept of offering consumers a wide variety of chain designs that can be custom-made in any length has proven very successful.  You may have seen us on cruise ships and in mall kiosks and now you can shop from the comfort of your home for the jewelry that you love.  Made from 18k layered gold, we offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee that is stylish, trendy and most of all affordable.  Check out our online store and our FAQ page.

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