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FAQ - Frequently asked questions...

What does "layered gold" mean?

Our chains are 18k gold, applied using state of the art technology to a semi-precious jewelers metal. For lasting protection, we seal the gold with a protective covering called Acryseal.  This sealant is exclusive to Inch of Gold jewelry and it allows the chain to be worn at all times.


What is jewelers metal?

A base metal made up of brass which is usually an alloy of copper and zinc.


What is the difference between "plated" and "layered"?

The term "plated" refers to what is known as "flash plated" chain with no guarantee that contains a miniscule amount of gold if any and no protectant, like a chain you would see hanging from a rack at a discount store.  A gold "layered" chain has much more actual gold content and superior durability along with a high quality protect  such as Acryseal, and a real guarantee backing it up.


How do you clean Inch of Gold jewelry?

Use soap and warm water or any jewelry cleaner without ammonia.


Is the clasp made of the same material?

Yes, and the clasps also have Acryseal and are guaranteed as well.


What can be done if there is a problem with the chain?

It comes with a Free Lifetime Guarantee provided in writing with every purchase.  Return it per the instruction on the guarantee to Inch of Gold customer service and it will be repaired or replaced and returned at no charge, usually within one week.  Do not send any money.  There is no time limit with the guarantee as it is for life.

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